About Us

The Warsaw Lions Club is a service organization with 35 members at the present. It was re-organized in 2011 to serve!

Among various projects in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, The original Warsaw Lions Club was instrumental in building the Bott Community Center and Giller Gymnasium at 705 Lafayette St. in Warsaw and the Fort Edwards Replica Playground located at the Warsaw Fairgrounds. Two well known and widely used landmarks of Warsaw.

The present Lions Club was formed to carry on that proud tradition.

Lions…We Serve!

The Warsaw Lions Fall Classic was conceived with the purpose of providing a greater opportunity for folks in our community to realize and enjoy the magnificent area of the United States that we live in.
Natural resources surround us and provide for some of the most breathtaking scenery found anywhere.

We believe that we will be giving more people a chance to experience the wonderful outdoors by following through with our initial projects, perpetuating them, and by pursuing new projects for the future.

Lions…We Serve!

WHY? The vast majority of the proceeds will stay in the area to fund programs for outdoor youth opportunities. The Warsaw Lions are building for the future…right here and now!

We’re working with Warsaw Schools and the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) to build program in our school district. We’re working with the Illinois DNR to be able to host Hunter Safety Courses right here in Warsaw, and we’re working with WIU to create an outdoor experience program that will provide relaxation and create memories that will last a lifetime for individuals from the Wounded Warrior Project.

All of these are experiences that will last a lifetime!

Lions…We Serve!

We are always open to adding quality men as new Lions. Please contact one of the Lions listed below for additional information. Lions meet at the Bott Community Center at 6:30 pm on the 4th Thursday of the Month.

​Sponsorship opportunities for the Fall Classic are also available; please contact us if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of this great event.

Warsaw Lions

Louie Zinn, President
Joe Clarke, Secretary
Tyler Roskamp, Treasurer
Stu Froman, Vice President
Andrew Finch
Lance Labonte
Rod Labonte
Lance Roskamp

Buddy Thurman
Brandon Althide
Seth Maag
Hank Courtois
Pastor Lester Dumer
David England
Travis Devine
Doug Buelt
Casey Wilson

Brad Froman
Brian Froman
James Lamer
William Casady
Dustin Roskamp
Charles Guymon
Matt Fleck
Travis McGee
Wes Woolson

Gary Uhland
Craig Becker
Curtis Becker
James Lanning
Chad Worrell
Vince Weigand
Mel Thomas
Don Schulz
Don Bumphrey